Intoweb has developed an easy to use browser-based user interface with a “what you see is what you get” website builder for your company. The system is a Content Management System which acts as both a website builder and a content manager.

The website builder provides unique benefits in that the system makes it possible for non-technical persons without any web development knowledge to create, expand and maintain and generally manage the website content of company owned websites.

What makes a website builder/content management system so usefull?

  • One of the keys to the success of any website is to present fresh, consistent management high quality content to customers. Therefore, effective content management processes can establish better customer retention and can lead to increased revenue.
  • Inefficient, broken or inconsistant content management processes drive production costs up. (Due to porrly coordinated processes, lack of repeatable processes or use of incompatible tools.)
  • Product Managers must move quickly to develop and deploy new promotional campaigns to take advantage of current market/product conditions.
  • Posting incorrect information, such as errors in product information, can lead to tremendous customer dissatisfaction, which is then compounded by poor public relations experiences and possible legal ramifications.
  • Poor testing processes can lead to lower site availability, slow performance and ultimately fewer visitors to the site.

Features of the website builder/content management system

  • Allows authorised users and administrators to update certain sections of the website simply by logging on via the administration section.
  • Allows for information to be managed from remote locations throughout the world by multiple content managers and designated page owners.
  • Comprehensive workflow for ease of use.
  • Non-technical users control the content and behaviour.
  • e-Mail notification on content status changes.
  • Enhanced features in key areas such as content creation, archiving services, workflow and personalisation.
  • Standardise technology and features.
  • Various licensing models for corporate companies – ASP and enterprise models.
  • Requires no additional software – 100% browser driven.

All information is hosted in a secure environment and only users that created the information will be able to change the content by logging in with their designated username and password.