Website consultation is a specialised service requiring in-depth knowledge of the field and the activities which it involves, namely internet consulting and computer consulting. This is referred to as e-Consultancy. Intoweb is a specialist in the IT industry and possesses the necessary business analyst capablities to incorporate the best IT solutions for every company's unique and individual needs and requests. Website consultation ensures that a company will receive services which are specifically suitable for them as one company is different from another company. Cost-effectiveness is another determining factor when decisions in website consultation are made and therefore the best solutions are determined when put into action by a team of experts.

Website consultation helps with the improvement of businesses by drawing up business proposals and technical specs suitable to indiviual companies. Free quotes are given by Intoweb with the aim to be cost-effective and meet company-specific needs. We understand the importance of technology in the business world and therefore give assistance in the implementation of solutions which are cost-effective and will ultimately benefit every company with whom we consult. For more information on how we can assist you in employing customised IT solutions click here to contact us!

As recognised above, the objective of Intoweb is to assist in the capitalisation of benefits brought about by technology and to employ this technology into organisations in order to aid them in:

  • Increasing your overall profits
  • Ensuring more efficient operations
  • Enhancing communication amongst all stakeholders
  • Constantly remaining ahead of your competition

Website Consultation Capabilities

The capabilities of Intoweb regarding website consultation are performed by a team of trained individuals who have developed solutions which are suitable for the variety of existing industries today. Our list of website consultation capabilities are endless and so a number of these are listed below:

  • Conducting needs analysis assessments
  • Troubleshooting / creative problem solving skills
  • The ability to analyse, translate and define business requirements into technical solutions
  • We are able to develop customised strategic and technology planning approaches
  • Our IT specialists are analytical thinkers who have a broad understanding of a wide variety of technologies that can be deployed to solve business problems
  • Our team possesses a thorough understanding of systems thinking (i.e., system integration, deconstruction and gap analysis) and an abundant knowledge of software development

Intoweb IT Consultants

Intoweb has a team of consultants who have years of experience in the IT industry and therefore have the required capabilities needed to create the customised solutions which we offer. As discussed above, our consultants will work together to draw up the best solutions and business proposals to suit any organisation's individual needs. Formulation of the business solution directly follows after a basic business proposal has been drawn up. These business solutions contain technical details that describe the exact methods to be used for implementation. Free quotes that reflect the most cost-effective business solutions are provided by our IT consultants.

The functions which our IT Consultants perform can be related to that of a business analyst. A business analyst can be identified as someone who has an in-depth understanding of both IT and business and has the capability to link these effectively in an organisation. Assessment of the needs of a company is a typical activity performed by a business analyst in order to provide the ideal solutions for individual requirements.

Services in Website Consultation


Intoweb draws up proposals after basic needs are assessed. These contain the details of what appears to be the best analytical solution for a company. After further discussion of a company's unique needs, the proposal will be refined and finally redrafted.

Technical Specification

A technical proposal follows the drawing up of the final business proposal. This technical proposal contains the information regarding what will be done on the front-end as well as the back-end.

Free Quotations

With consideration of the processes above, an estimate in the form of a free quotation will be given to an organisation. This regards the implementation of the most cost-effective solution for their company.