Intoweb is reliable when it comes to effective search engine optimisation because of our trained website content optimisers who have the skills to put any site into the top positions of numerous search engines, aiding in a greater influx of visitors to these sites. We offer a number of suitable solutions from which our clients can choose, depending on the emphasis which they wish to have placed on their website and sales resulting therefrom.

Search Engines

In order to understand more efficiently the work which website content optimisers do, one requires a certain amount of knowledge into the basics of how search engines work.

Most Search Engines have what is called a spider. A spider is a robot that looks for new websites by continously searching through the Internet. Website content optimisers focus on getting the attention of these spiders through a variety of techniques. The Uniform Resource Locator (or URL of a website address) visible on the Internet is picked up and checked by these spiders. The keywords found on these new websites are then ranked on search engines according to relevancy.

Relevancy is essential and website content optimisers need to focus on this aspect in order to get the best results in the ranking of websites on search engines. A simplified example of this would be that, if a website is about dancing but the word "architecture" is used, the search engine will rank this website low on their listings. However, if the same website were to use the word "dancing" the chance for being ranked higher by the same search engine is much greater because of appropriate use of the keyword. Another important factor relating to keywords is the placement of them in the text of a website. If proper use of keywords is detected by a search engine the rankings of a website may further increase as a direct result.

Keywords are however not always the main focus of search engines as many will look at descriptions or even the title of a website for keywords. For example, Google searches for website popularity through its indexing algorithm. This is where it searches how many websites link to your site, and if you link back to them. If you do, chances are 100% that your website will be ranked high up.

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