The Intoweb website design studio offers website design and programming to areas ranging from Cape Town, Tswhane, Johannesburg and other Parts of Gauteng. The services in which we specialise include flash, website programming and design services all carried out in our unique and professional way. Our domain name registration service also enables a company to host with us making it convenient for them to have all their web documents in one place.

We strive to be a website design studio that provides graphic website design which is unique, professional, and always of a high quality. Intoweb has experience in designing for a wide variety of products and we therefore have the knowledge to present each and every product to portray the most accurate company image possible by emphasising individual characteristics. The services and activities performed by our web design studio ranges from web site design to functional programming and hosting. Every activity which is carried out by our web design studio is essential for the functional running of a website and therefore no emphasis is placed onto one specific service which we offer. Therefore all the services we perform as a graphic design studio are reliable because each one gets equal attention.

Intoweb is a web design studio employing some of the best web page creators skilled in home page design and web site design. Our company is one of the best web design studios based in South Africa for the reason that our web design and programming is created with the use of top quality software and trained personnel. Home page design is an essential service offered by our web design studio as the home page of a website is the introductory page which has the ability to either attract or push visitors away from the website. The job of a graphic design studio is therefore important because the web page designs created need to give the appropriate visual translation for the image of a company to be conveyed in order to attract the correct type of visitor.

As a website design studio we offer several different solutions and services in web design and programming which include:

As identified in the above-listed services, our website design studio is not only specialised in web design and programming but other services which require in-depth knowledge and training. These services can range from search engine optimisation to e-consulting, online marketing and website applications.

What are Website Applications

Users get delivered a website application from a website server over such networks as the World Wide Web or an Intranet. Programming involved in website application involves the addition of dynamic pages in the form of website links which link to further interface features and databases. Applications and databases can be connected to a website through website programming which is placed deep inside the functional layers of the website.

A back-end and front-end can be found in the majority of web applications. The database is used as a back-end. Back-end and front-end are expressions that describe programs relative to the user.

A Back-End Program: Front-end services are supported and services do not directly control the tasks. A programmer sets the "invisible structure of the information displayed in the front end when building a database.

A Front-End Program: Users interact directly with this type of program. The front-end is responsible for collecting input from the user and can come in a variety of forms. Processing can be in such a way that it conforms to specifications used by the back-end.

The popularity of website applications through website design studios is due to the ubiquity of the web browser as a client, sometimes called a thin client. A further reason for the popularity of these web application is their ability to update and maintain applications without disturbing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers.

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