Website improvement refers to all the activities that are performed by specialists with the objective to ultimately increase sales and popularity of companies and products through a website. Improvement can come in the form of updated website design and development and search engine optimisation that is implemented for website domain improvements through the increased flow of visitors to a website.

Website Improvements through Design

With the rapid improvements in computer technology and software, website design is given advanced capabilities which aid in making website design even better than ever imagined before. Such a development includes the likes of flash design which allows the combination of graphics with moving animation and audio. Flash design can be used for small areas or to build an entire website and is a popular tool used to improve the look and feel of a website in its entirety.

Website design and maintenance is important when it comes to capturing visitors into visiting a website. Attention needs to be grabbed and therefore the latest developments, as discussed above, need to be implemented in current and new website designs. Visitors will not remain at a website for a long duration that appears bland and outdated; therefore website design improvements are essential.

Website Marketing and Advertising

Another popular method used by website specialists to aid in website improvement is through marketing and advertising websites; which directly influences knowledge, and thus popularity, of companies and products. Marketing of websites is done through the use of banners. These banners can be placed on existing websites, newsletters and even search engines.

Website Improvement through Marketing with Banners and Graphics:

Static Rotating Banners

A banner system allows you to set up a database of rotating images which are randomly generated every time a user surfs to your website. This advertising space can be utilised either by your company and its affiliates or your company could sell promotional spots to other companies to generate some extra income. The banners can also be clicked on to open up specific web pages. For example your products page or a competition entry page

Flash Banners

Flash is an animation programme used to generate website animations. They can be built in such a way that clicking on them will take the user through to another page (your contact page for example). Click on the images below to see how similar templates have been used to create consistant specials.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimsation is a major tool to be used for website improvements. The improvements resulting from the implementation of search engine optimisation refers to the ranking of websites on search engine listings which direct visitors to these websites. Performance improvement of a website is further affected by the maintenance carried out on existing keywords of a website alongwith the addition of new ones.

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