Website maintenance using a Content Management System (CMS)

In terms of web applications a CMS is used for website maintenance and updating web content. Intoweb's content management system provides unique benefits in that the system makes it possible for non-technical persons without any web development knowledge to create, expand and maintain their companies website. A content management system (CMS) can be defined as a system used to organize and create documents and other content. Intoweb's CMS is customisable, ensuring that the system built suits your companies specific information needs. It is an easy to use browser-based user interface with a “what you see is what you get” web page builder for fast efficient website maintenance.


  • Dynamic Navigation System
  • Multiple content managers (dispersed locations)
  • User Admin Features
  • Dynamic Pagebuilder
  • Messaging and reporting system (content expiry and change notices)
  • Workflow
  • Members section (Login)
  • Document Manager (MS, Word, PDF, RTF etc)
  • Banner Ad Management
  • Image Library
  • User Registration
  • Shopping Mart
  • Comment on this page
  • Rate this Page
  • Site search
  • E-Mail Functionality (feedback and communication)
  • Easy print Button
  • Send to a friend
  • Site Map

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Website content includes everything on the site that is delivered to the Customers browser, as well as software processes that directly or indirectly support that delivery. Website maintenance today is a complex set of processes, oftentimes involving a geographically distributed production team from diverse functional areas, multiple process steps, and exceptional amounts of data to be placed on the website.

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