In order to adequately understand the reason for the existence and use of website templates, a definition is needed for this term. As such, a website template can be defined as a document which is used as a starting point for a website because of its preset format and design. This aids in increasing productivity in the process of design as these documents need not be recreated everytime they are needed. The basic design found in the majority of website templates ensure that these will compliment any company or product as the look and feel is professionally designed to be reused.

It is a known fact that the online identity and presence of a website directly relects on a company and can consequently influence the marketing of a company and their products. The use of website templates is as such to ensure businesses that a positive, professional image will be created as a specific standard is developed in all website templates. In relation to this, assurance is given with the use of website templates for the reason that, even though they respresent a set professional standard in design, they can be appropriately transformed to meet any need or form a company desires with regard to the creation of their new website. In other words, companies can still expect to receive a unique design which is true to the nature of their business and product even through a website template has been used. Website templates are purely used as the starting point for the website design process.

Web design and development teams are exceptionally skilled and companies can rely on these for the creation of their unique website characteristic to their company. By having website templates available for clients to look through before their website design process is started, a website development company can effectively reduce time spent on the creation of a website design because website templates can aid a client to quickly decide on what they do and don't like. Furthermore, website templates are designed with the sole purpose and innate ability to be used for the website of any company and product, providing a standard which can be used over and over again, yet still appear unique to every website created.

Companies and individuals build websites for various reasons:

  • The foremost reason to build a website is exposure. Websites are unique in that you can sell and market your companies products 24 hours a day to dispersed locations.
  • Websites are built by individuals who would like to give out information about themselves or create common interest website such as chat forums.
  • Some companies catalogue products and/or services online allowing the general public to learn more about the company. The website is an important extension of ones company's corporate identity. It is possible to incorporate small movie clips, eyecatching banner ads and online request forms into your website to provide new forms of interaction with potential clients.
  • Provides your company with a leading edge against your competitors

How website templates can help in the process of building a website:

Reliable and outstanding web developing companies not only have the ability to create website templates which are beneficial because they can be used over and over again, but these companies also maintain websites in order to ensure that all information displayed live on a website is up-to-date.

  1. Website Design and Development

    Website design and development includes not only the design but also the functionality of a website. With the use of website templates the time spent on these processes is substantially reduced. Website templates are therefore created for both design and programming processes. As discussed above, website templates apply a set standard which companies can trust when it comes to the development and design of their website, with the benefit that the process of completion comes sooner than most clients expect.

  2. Website Templates Used to Build Large Websites
    Website templates can be used to build and maintain any website. A similar system which Intoweb makes available is our Content Management System, which is accessible to users with little or no skills in web development, to aid them in the maintenance of their website. Just like website templates, our Content Management System is customisable, which in other words means that the system built and used will suit a companies specific information needs and requirements.

  3. Webmaster Training
    Training is also offered by many web development companies for those wishing to learn the processes involved in the creation of website templates and the building of a website for their own purposes. Proper training is required when it comes to web design and development. Intoweb is a web development company skilled in this department and has the professionals at hand to offer training to those wishing to learn the art of, not website templates, but website creation.

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