Debt Review with your Partner

When your Partner does not want to enter Debt Review

There are different types of marriages that tie you and your spouse together in different ways. When you get married in community of property you tie yourself and your spouse together in the eyes of the law and this includes your finances as well. Traditional Marriages are also considered as being married in community of property.

A few Do's and Don't of connecting your finances:

  • Make a budget and try to stick with it
  • Track your spending as it is the only way you can know where your money has gone
  • Come up with spending and saving goals and let your partner spend their money as they please
  • Designate bills to a certain partner and stick to the bills that are your responsibility
  • Keep your own credit card not linked with eachother to give you an opportunity to build seperate credit records

Tips on talking finances with your spouse:

  1. Have a discussion at a neutral time. Don't wait until you and your partner have a disagreement about credit or finances
  2. Talk about your emotions first so that it feels like a more safe space for them to talk about how they are feeling
  3. Understand how you feel, if you are feeling like you are contributing more than your partner or feel like you are being take care of. know what your feelings are before you talk to your partner
  4. Bring in a third party to help you have the discussion if you feel that you won't be able to handle it calmly between the two of you.

If you are looking for a help with your debt

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