What is a Corporate Social Investment Plan?

What is a Corporate Social Investment Plan?

There is a trend of corporate social responsibility that has arisen recently. This means that many companies are doing good in their communities, in addition to making money. When businesses choose to give time and resources to social, environmental and economic causes they are making a corporate social investment. There are many different ways companies make corporate social investments.

What Is Corporate Social Investment?

Corporate social investment is a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the responsibility a business has to the community and environment in which they operate. Companies create a corporate social investment plan to ensure they meet their goals in terms of ISO26000. Corporate Social Investment is when companies use resources or money for projects that help the community around them, without a direct benefit to the business.

Corporate Social Investments can take the form of:

  • Money
  • Gifts
  • Employee Time
  • Other Resources

Why are Companies making Corporate Social Investments?

There are a few reasons why companies may invest in social responsibility.

  • 1. Social Corporate Investment can generate positive publicity or news coverage which could result in attracting new customers.
  • 2. Some employees may not be satisfied if their employer is not aligned with important causes and giving back to through corporate social investment. Therefore some businesses may participate in corporate social responsibility to be visible and attract and hire the best talent.
  • 3. Because of the fact that corporate social investment has become a trend seen through many companies, some businesses may create corporate social investment plans so they can say on par with their competitors

It has become more common for startups to embed corporate social investment in their business mission and vision.

What is Corporate Social Investment?

There are many different examples of corporate social investment from companies. KFC asks every patron to add R1 to their purchase which is then donated to feed children. Many supermarkets provide donation baskets where customers can donate certain materials to charitable causes.

If you are looking for a cause for your corporate social investment plan visit this link to learn about a great cause.

Click Here for a worthy cause to conribute to