Stock Loss Prevention

Stock is the lifeblood of any retail company. If your stock gets damaged or stolen your business takes a big knock. There are a few different methods which you can use to prevent stock loss prevention. The best option is to install a retail security system from SLP Tech Stock Loss Prevention that will prevent stock loss.

What you can do to protect your stock:


There are many different signs available that can deter criminals from wanting to rob your store. If you are creative you can also think of custom signage to be created by professionals. Walk through your store and try to determine the areas that a criminal will feel most safe to steal from. Put up a sign that warns them against the fact that their will be retribution and that they will be caught.


Put up visible cameras all over your store where anyone walking around will see them. This will allow you to monitor what is happening 24/7. Postitioning of the cameras are also very important. Near entrances and exits are great places as well as above the cash register to ensure that you can review what has happened there should any stock or money go mising.

Remember to also put up cameras in the store room and any other room that have valuables in them. This will show any criminal that it won't be easy to move things between rooms to hide.


If cameras are a bit out of your price range or comfort zone, you can try mirrors. This can serve as an inexpensive yet effective tool to spot shoplifters altough you will need someone to keep an eye out all the time. Walk around your store and find any blindspots - corners and other areas that are not visibile from the cashier area - these are the places that you need to install your security mirrros.

POS System:

POS Systems have evolved to be much more than just a cash box. It allows you to set permissions and restrict certain users from being able to do certain things. It can also be used as a great tool for keeping track of your stock, your transactions as well as what your employees are doing.

Stock Loss Prevention Options:

There are many different techniques and products that you can use to safeguard your stock. Here are some of the products that are available

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