Benefits of Using RFID

How can RFID benefit your Business?

Using RFID technology in your business can help you automate and improve processes.Some of the processes that can be automated through RFID technology includes: Stock Count, Identification of Products, Locating of Products as well as securing of stock.

Benefits of RFID Technology in your Business:

  1. Lower Cost
  2. By implementing RFID in your business for security you can save money by not employing security staff who you are unsure about trusting.

    You can cut out additional staff by using RFID for stock counting and tracking.

  3. Higher Productivity
  4. Using RFID technology allows processes that would usually take alot of time to be done in minutes or even seconds. Processes such as stock counting does not need to happen at all because stock is counted automatically as it is moved around

  5. Improved Quality of Data Capturing
  6. Data is captured in real time and accurately and using RFID technology rules out any chance of human error such as a missed item or typos or incorrect data due to misunderstanding

  7. Reduced Capital Costs
  8. RFID can provide you beter control of stocks and assets. Business assets such as test equipment, transport packing, computing technology and other portable devices can be kept in control through RFID Technology monitoring

  9. Improved Security
  10. RFID can provide improved security for your business premises through access control, asset tagging, stock tagging

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