Self Storage Tips

Keeping your Possessions safe during Self Storage

When using self storage facilities it is your responsibility to ensure that your possesions are packed and stored carefully. You also have to think about the other people using the facility and ensure that your furniture and boxes are clean and hygenic to not attract pests or bugs.

Tips on Safely Storing your Posessions:

  1. If you are planning to use the space frequently, get a bigger unit as it will be more convenient than a small cramped space
  2. Plan your space. Start with bulky, heavy items in the back. And things you will need more often at the front close to the door
  3. Heavy big boxes can be a good packing base
  4. Pack your boxes to capacity but not too full. Bulging or partially packed boxes could buckle or collapse
  5. Label/Number your boxes on all sides
  6. Make a inventory of your stored items and keep it safe
  7. Find out what are prohibited items at the facility and avoid storing any of those items in your space
  8. Protect your valuables with bubble wrap
  9. Furniture with drawers can also be used as extra storage space
  10. Don't place heavy items or boxes on sofas or matresses
  11. Food crumbs and stains should be cleaned before storing furniture to avoid attracting pests
  12. Place protective covers over soft furniture
  13. Ensure that fridges and freezers are dry before storing and store them with doors open
  14. Pictures and Mirrors should be wrapped in boxes and marked as FRAGILE

If you are looking for a secure self-storage facility

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