Trailer Hire

Troopie Self Storage provides fast, secure and reliable trailer hire in Sandton, Johannesburg

When you need a Trailer:

  • Recreational home or on the road travel
  • Moving Garden Waste
  • Furniture Removal
  • Transporting Motorbikes
  • Transporting go-carts and other recreational vehicles
  • Moving House

Requirements to Tow a Tailer Cars that are going to connect with a trailer needs a towing hitch wit a working electrical point. The car also needs to be strong enough to tow whatever weight that will be put on the trailer.

Tips when Towing

  • The trailer increases the size of the car. You need to be aware of your extra size when turning or changing lanes
  • Towing a trailer will increase fuel consumption. Keep a consistent moderate speed
  • Make sure the trailer hitch is secure
  • Use the correct weights and pack the trailer according to load weight so weight can be evenly distriputed
  • Reversing can be very tricky

If you need a reliable trailer to move house, office or other big items

Contact Troopie Self Storage to hire a trailer for your needs