Self Storage Tips

Keeping your Stock Safe with Warehouse Storage Units

Every business is different and there is no generic storage solution that can work for every business. If you are a small or new business, your storage needs may be changing the whole time and paying for extra space at your premises can be detrimental to your business success.

Why you Need Warehouse Storage Space for your Business:

  1. Adjustable:Hiring Warehouse Storage Space means that you can upgrade or downgrade your space as your business grows This translates in not having to pay for space that you don't need and saving that money for more marketing or other important things in your business.
  2. Secure:Put security in someone else's hands. You don't have to worry about the large security risks associated with storing your stock. Losing stock can be an enormous loss to a business and may cause a business to close if the loss is big enough. Renting a warhouse storage space gives you peace of mind that your stock will be safe.
  3. Affordable:Save your money by not renting space on your premises that you don't need. By renting storage space you can scale up or down as you need and never need to be paying for space that you don't actually need to use

Tips on Making The Most of Your Warehouse Storage for Business:

  • Pack heavy items at the bottom. It can be a good base to pack lighter/smaller items
  • Keep a comprehensive list of everything in your storage units in a safe space
  • Label/Number your boxes on all sides so that you can easily see what is in a certain box
  • Make sure that your stock is safely packaged and stored before storing
  • Do not pack heavy items on other items as you may cause damage
  • If you are storing furniture, make sure it is protected with covers
  • Ensure that fridges and freezers are dry before storing and store them with doors open

If you are looking for a secure Wareouse self-storage facility

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