Everybody has heard about the free insurance quotes MiWay provides, as well as the Bonus, or otherwise known as the SA Benefits. What exactly are these, how does it work, how do you qualify for these MiWay benefits and Bonus?

Free Quotes:

Upon enquiring about MiWay insurance, a free insurance quote is given, which you can either take or not. In addition to the free quote, all the benefits and options of MiWay is explained.

Insurance Benefits:

MiWay provides many insurance benefits to it's clients. Some of the MiWay benefits includes:

  • medical assistance
  • roadside assistance
  • courtesy car
  • Bonus
  • Good premium rates
  • flat excess
  • automatic inflation adjustments

Medical Assistance

As an MiWay Benefit, you can get free medical assistance from MiWay, who will even go as far as airlift you to a hospital in a helicopter, should it be needed. This is a great service, especially if you are in an accident, or have an incident at home that needs medical help, and you are alone, unable to help yourself.

Roadside Assistance

Another benefit of MiWay is their free roadside assistance service. A service vehicle will come and assist you if your car breaks down, runs out of petrol, or even if you lock your keys in the car! Now that's a great bonus!

Courtesy Car

Few insurance companies will provide you with a courtesy car, should you car be in a panel beater or out of commission due to an accident. Another bonus of MiWay is that the company provides you with a courtesy car, that you can keep for a month. At least, you won't be without transportation!


The Bonus of MiWay is an amazing pay back, or bonus that you get. If you have not claimed for three years, a certain percentage of what you have paid in insurance premiums is paid back into your bank account after the three year period. It's always nice to get some extra cash!

Now those are insurance benefits that's worth living with!



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