MiWay was launched in February 1998, and with their extraordinarily innovative approach to insurance that includes a range of insurance solutions with special benefits, this insurance company captured the attention of the public of South Africa who were looking for a reliable and reasonably priced solution for meeting all their insurance needs. The merger which took place on 1 January 2000 between MiWay and First National Insurance (as part of the broader FirstRand bank assurance strategy which consolidated the group's short-term insurance business), further boosted the reconcilability of this insurance company.

MiWay is consequently one of the leaders within the industry of South Africa today and is now renowned as a direct short-term insurance operation which services a great mass of the population today and whose numbers are constantly growing on daily a basis.

MiWay is a specialist insurance company which has the skills to develop and provide a great number of solutions which are able to meet any insurance requirement of any client. SA aims to please, and this insurance company will therefore not turn any client away. No matter how absurd the request may seem, MiWay will make sure that each and every client gets what they want in terms of the satisfaction of their unique insurance needs.

Cover for Electronic Equipment, Stock and Money

With insurance for both the business and individual client, MiWay is growing in popularity amongst those who are looking for insurance which is sure to provide them with the protection that they desire and in turn expect from an insurance company. MiWay furthermore provides cover for electronic equipment, stock, and money.

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance: this includes cover for electronic business equipment such as computers, licensed software, scanners, printers, copiers, and fax machines.
  • Stock Insurance: this includes cover for raw materials; goods which are being manufactured or traded, and any goods for which a client is responsible as part of their business activity.
  • Stock-in-transit Insurance: this is cover for stock when it is being transported anywhere in South Africa.
  • Money Insurance: covers any negotiable instruments such as cash, cheques, money orders, credit card vouchers, and postage and revenue stamps.

Online Insurance Quote Facilities

Get a quick insurance quote from MiWay by making use of their online insurance quote facilities. By taking advantage of these online facilities provided on the website of SA, a prospective client can reduce their time spent on finding the best and most affordable insurance which is able to suit their personal needs.

No longer is finding and obtaining insurance a stressfully lengthy and complicated process, because with SA and its online insurance quote facility. You just need to fill in the online application form to get a quote for your specific insurance need.

MiWay is known for being the insurance company where you always get something out, so why not give them a chance by getting an online insurance quote from them..what do you have to lose?


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