No one can do without insurance products in today's world, where burglaries are rampant, and where people are dependant on business deals to go well. What if something goes wrong? What if you loose business? What if you are injured and cannot work? MiWay provides several different insurance products to help you be fully covered for any incident, whether it is fire, loss of business, death, accidents or electronic equipment that goes wrong.

Some of the insurance products that MiWay covers, are listed below.

  • vehicle insurance
  • personal accident cover (accidental injury causing death, temporary or permanent disability)
  • water craft insurance
  • theft cover
  • third party cover
  • building cover
  • business cover
    • buildings
    • contents
    • vehicle / fleet
    • electronic equipment
    • stock
    • money
    • out and about
    • business interruption
    • public liability
    • personal accident
    • employers liability
    • employee dishonesty
    • watercraft

So as you can see, whatever the incident, whatever the trouble, insurance products are available through MiWay to cover you from these incidents and to protect you financially.

In addition to all these insurance products, MiWay has lots of benefits such as roadside assistance, the Bonus, medical assistance and lots more. If you are looking for bonus products to your insurance, MiWay is the place to go. They have a fully operational service centre, where you can lodge a claim, apply for insurance and lots more.

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