Booking System

A booking system is a system or module which cant be built into an Intranet used to manage time-specific elements of your company processes. Intoweb is one of the top IT companies in South Africa, where we create high quality booking systems for our Clients. Intoweb aims to apply versatile intranet solutions which are customised to suit you company. A booking system can be incorporated into the foolowinf sections of an intranet:

Boardroom booking
One of the biggest frustrations in many organizations is the double booking of the boardroom. This module prevents this from happening by having the boardrooms being booked via the intranet system. With a calendar linked to it, everyone can see who else has booked a boardroom, and when. There are quite a few unique features in this system, as an individual or group can book the boardroom once, daily, weekly, or monthly.

This module caters for any special requests along with the booking (i.e. tea & scones or an overhead projector). The Intranet e-mails the relevant parties in control of the tea girls or the hardware, and lets them know of the booking and what is needed. Any number of boardrooms can be connected to this module.

Events (calendar)
An electronic calendar that will show what is happening when. Anyone with access to the calender system can book meetings, schedule events and tasks

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Online Booking systems

Online booking systems are interactive systems which have been incorporated into a website. These systems are most commonly used by companies dealing with travel or accommodation. They allow the user that surfs to your website to securley add in a request for services and even allow the user to pay using online payment facilities. The biggest advantage of an online booking system is that your website keeps working for working for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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