Do you have an online marketing strategy?

The ability of people anywhere in the world to access information online has opened whole new vistas in terms of how a business can market itself both to their local community and global community. Websites have changed from graphical online brochures to exciting online sales representatives. An online marketing strategy can range from the humble beginnings of an online catalogue with e-mail response forms to a fully functional, banking-enabled e-commerce site with SKU product tracking and automated responses.

Intoweb's e-consultancy services

The online marketing team at intoweb are specialists within the IT industry and believe in incorporating the best marketing solutions into your companies existing online strategy. A strategic which is appropriate for one company may not be suitable or cost-effective for another. Together with our team of experts we can assist you in determining solutions that will be best for your company!

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E-traffic - Increasing traffic to your website

Another important aspect of online marketing and e-commerce is Search Engine Optimisation. Did you know the number of times keywords are used on a web site effects the site's optimisation? Our search engine solution enhances your current marketing strategy to include:

  • the changing of the title and keywords according to the search engine specifications
  • copy writing the web site content to ensure maximum optimisation.

Once a client subscribes to Intoweb's SEO solution, the necessary changes will be made with the client's consent. The changes are viewed on a dummy site before the real site goes live, ensuring quality search engine optimisation.

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