It is official...MiWay is the insurance company with the lowest premiums in South Africa!! After recently conducting an in-depth survey concerning insurance premiums in South Africa across five different profiles, it has thusly been established that the insurance premiums of MiWay are, on average, the lowest for risks; hereby making them one of the most popularly sought-after insurance companies in South Africa.

With MiWay , now insurance is affordable for all!!

However, even though MiWay is known for the provision of cheap insurance which is as such affordable by any citizen of South Africa, this insurance company is further known for making an effort to distribute services of an extremely high standard, in order to exceed what is essentially expected from an insurance company.

Determine the Best Insurance Company For You

MiWay should be your number one choice when in the process of considering an insurance company for supplying insurance solutions for all your individual insurance needs or requirements. Choosing an insurance company can be a tricky task as there are as of current several insurance companies established which, on the surface, appear to be offering exactly the same insurance solutions.

There are a number of steps one can take when deciding on an insurance company which will become your life-long partner for satisfying your insurance needs. Listed below are these vital steps to ensure you make the best choice for you in consideration of an insurance company:

  • Do your research on a number of insurance companies, getting insurance premium quotes from each to make an adequate comparison, which will in turn reveal the best option for yourself.
  • Make sure you have a knowledge about any hidden costs and do not base your decision purely on the insurance premium. MiWay does not include any fine print into their documentation and so no there are no hidden costs.
  • Ask around concerning the reputations of each insurance company regarding service, price, and claim settlement turnaround times.
  • Always make sure that the insurance company of your choice is a registered Financial Services Provider for as this it is regulated by the Financial Services Board, and you can as such get the reassurance of the best insurance.
  • Identify whether or not the insurance company of your choice has a money back offer for a claim-free period.

MiWay, The Affordable Insurance Option

MiWay is one of South Africa's most trusted insurers and has as such established themselves as the leader when it comes to the provision of outstanding cheap insurance. MiWay takes pride in offering cheap insurance as the result of combining the lowest premiums with the highest service delivery, making their insurance affordable for anyone.

With the affordable insurance available from MiWay, you are ensured to get the best in cheap insurance, and a combination of the following:

  • Personal advice from expert insurance consultants who are able to develop for each client insurance which suits their needs as individuals.
  • Unless you change your cover, a guarantee in premiums for 12 months whether you claim or not.
  • Fast, fair and efficient claims settlement.
  • Home and roadside assistance as inclusive to all clients respectively obtaining insurance from MiWay.
  • With the business insurance that MiWay offers, respective clients receive full theft cover of their office equipment and stock.
  • Clients of MiWay get the option to cover their car for either the retail or market value.

With this knowledge, what are you waiting for? MiWay to start your long-term insurance partnership with this otstanding insurance company today!