It's official, MiWay has the lowest insurance rates!

After conducting a lengthy premium survey which was carried out by Ask Afrika (an independent research company) across the profiles of five different insurance companies, the findings prove once and for all that on average MiWay has the lowest insurance rates for low risks.

MiWay sets the standard when it comes to delivering quality service which they believe each one of their clients deserves; and being dedicated to fast, fair and efficient claims settlement, MiWay has established itself as the leader of the personal (as well as the business) insurance market.

What can MiWay offer you?

MiWay has the objective of making sure that they are able to provide all who approach them for their services and solutions, with insurance that will satisfy their unique needs and requests, and give them the peace of mind which everyone deserves in terms of knowing that their most valuable possessions are in safe hands should any disaster occur. MiWay has therefore developed a range of insurance solutions that are able to meet the requirements of any individual looking for insurance, put them at a vantage point above the rest of the insurance companies out there who merely provide standardised insurance packages. MiWay is not your ordinary insurance company and therefore focuses on the provision of insurance that offers clients the following:

  • Tailor-Made Insurance Solutions: MiWay has the cover for meeting any insurance needs or requirements; from one specific solution to an entire package.
  • A Variety of Choices: Why not choose a higher excess and reap the benefit of further reducing your insurance rate.
  • Simplicity and Reliability: MiWay prides itself in having no fine print in its insurance documents, so there are no hidden surprises at the end of the day, and no hidden costs; meaning that what a client sees is what they will get in terms of their monthly insurance rate displayed in the finalised documentation handed to them.

Value for Money

MiWay can offer the best insurance rates because, by offering the incredible services as listed below, clients can save money.

  • Direct: MiWay works directly with all their clients. Therefore, with no broker, there is no commission payable.
  • Cherry Picking: All insurance is based on the profile of the individual, and MiWay can hereby make sure that good risk clients do not subsidise bad risks.
  • Call Centre: MiWay has a call centre which is a telephonic service giving clients quick, reliable advice, saving them time as well as saving them money.
  • Guaranteed Premiums: MiWay guarantees premiums for 12 months (unless the cover is changed) whether a claim is put in or not.

With the great personalised service and value for money which clients receive from MiWay , it is no wonder why this insurance company is taking over the insurance industry of South Africa at a speedy rate. Why not call MiWay today and discover for yourself why MiWay is the best choice for you when it comes to obtaining the insurance cover and rates for which you have always longed.

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