The company of MiWay in its entirety subscribes to a strong set of values, which fosters innovation, creativity, individual empowerment, and personal accountability. Forming the foundation upon which this insurance company was initially built and is still managed and controlled, it is no wonder why clients receive excellent service in the process of conducting business with the consultants of MiWay; who in turn provide physical evidence of these high standards in which MiWay prides itself.

MiWay is an insurance company with a number of successes under their belt. Some of these successes include having a wide range of insurance solutions which are adaptable and suitable for the individual, some of the best insurance consultants in-house who sell the insurance of MiWay and are highly skilled to offer outstanding services to all clients, innovative award incentives such as the Bonus, helping the community with their community safety projects; all of which have aided to establish MiWay as a leader in the insurance industry in South Africa.

MiWay Insurance Consultants Have a Concern for Community Safety

With an awareness of the increased rate of crime and uncertainty of living, concern of the insurance consultants of MiWay for the general safety of the community of South Africa has subsequently also increased. As such this insurance company has set in a place a number of community safety projects services as part of a project which focuses on an aim to improve the social conditioning of South Africans by restoring a safety to the community and hence instill a sense of peace in the minds of individuals.

Community safety projects which are being carried out by MiWay as of present include:

  • Arrive Alive Traffic Patrol Vehicles:
    • With 120 traffic patrol vehicles patrolling the most hazardous locations of the country, the aims of this project is to promote road safety.
    • The hope of MiWay with this community safety project is that a reduction in road accidents will mean a reduction in claims, hereby allowing them to offer lower premiums and pay out more rewards to clients.
    • This project will not only benefit MiWay and its clients but the broader community as well.

  • The Pointsmen Initiative:
    • This project takes the form of an innovative collaboration effort between the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department and MiWay, whereby 21 pointsmen are allocated to specific streets of Johannesburg. Their purpose, to relieve traffic congestion on roads leading to the economic hub of Johannesburg which is Sandton.
    • Recently this project has been extended to the Midrand and Randburg areas.
    • The purpose of MiWay with the development of this project: "It is a question of actively putting something back into the community, creating employment and alleviating some of the traffic problems".
  • Business Against Crime:
    • This is a partnership between the South African Police Service and Business Against Crime with MiWay for sponsoring the Gauteng Anti-hijacking task teams, whose successes to reduce hijackings in Gauteng in a relative short period have been phenomenal.
    • MiWay recently held a ceremony in honour of the project and awarded the best members and teams for their outstanding contributions to improving community safety.
  • Car Wreck Trailers:
    • In partnership with the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, car wreck trailers with safety messages are at the following Arrive Alive satellite stations:
      • Buccleuch interchange on the N1
      • Heidelberg N3 to Durban / De Hoek Toll Plaza
      • Wallmanstahl N1 to Limpopo

MiWay aims to please and so they only recruit expert insurance consultants to become a part of their top notch insurance company; hereby ensuring that all clients get the high quality service which they deserve. And so, MiWay is most definitely the insurance company to trust. What is stopping you? Contact an MiWay consultant today by clicking on the banner for a free insurance quote.

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