First International aims to please and as such provides all clients with personalised insurance services that take away any misconceptions or doubts which they may have regarding the reliability and trustworthiness of insurance companies in South Africa today especially when looking for the best insurance cover that provides the ideal protection against loss or damage when uncertainties such as crime and natural disasters occur.

In addition to outstanding insurance solutions and personalised service which takes the individual into account, First International furthermore has the objective of going above and beyond the services of the average insurance company and so makes provision of additional services from which clients can greatly benefit and receive endless rewards.

More Rewards from First International in Accordance with eBucks

First International is a partner with eBucks. What this means is that clients of First International are now able to earn eBucks simply by requesting and completing an insurance quote from First International and enjoy the great benefits of being part of this rewarding service.

What does eBucks Entail?

Being South Africa's leading multi-partner rewards program where members can earn and spend eBucks points through various listed partners, eBucks is essentially a reward incentive and aims to give their members great additional benefits such as discounts on the products and services of their partners. With eBucks members get rewarded for performing everyday tasks such as shopping, banking, and purchasing and using selected products and services from their many partners.

After applying to the eBucks incentive of First International, take your time to explore the eBucks website to find out more about the great rewards which they have on offer, and when you speak to an First International call centre agent, always remember to quote your eBucks membership number.

Spending your eBucks:

There are four ways in which eBucks members can spend their eBucks points. Having various ways for spending eBucks makes it much easier for members to spend the way which is most suitable according to their particular lifestyle and their preferred style of purchasing products and services.

  • Use your eBucks members card to make purchases in selected retail stores.
  • Spend your eBucks in the online eBucks shop located at, or call them at 086 123 3000.
  • With eBucks Internet shopping partners, you can spend your eBucks on what you need and want.
  • eBucks also offers the specialised service of eBucks travel. In order to get advice on how you can spend your eBucks on travel, call 0861 11 52 52.

Earning eBucks

Earning eBucks is so easy!..and there are so many ways in which to do it. Earn eBucks by using your activated eBucks members card at any of the allocated partner stores, manage your finances with any of the eBucks financial partners, or go shopping on the Internet. The choice is yours.

To find out more about why you as a client of First International should sign up for the eBucks incentive, be sure to pay a visit to the eBucks website at or call 086 123 3000, and discover the endless benefits for yourself.


First International strives to meet the needs of any and every person who approaches them with their insurance requests, and First International is able to do this because of their personalised services and additional benefits.

So do not hesitate any longer and get in touch with First International by clicking the link below. After consulting with this insurance company and finding out the great benefits and outstanding services which they provide, you will wonder how you could have ever been happier anywhere else.

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