MiWay is renowned in South Africa for being the insurance company to go to for low cost insurance. However, even though low cost insurance is their specialty, one should not be deceived into thinking that this insurance is not worth obtaining. In the case of this insurance company, less is definitely more, and when looking for insurance of the highest quality, you should consider MiWay as your number one choice. Not only will you receive insurance at the lowest premiums but you will furthermore be legible for the wide range of insurance packages and the additional services which this insurance company has to offer.

With so many options to choose from regarding the insurance solutions and packages as provided by MiWay , you will be sure to get exactly what it is that you want in terms of insurance giving you peace of mind through its ability to meet your unique needs as an individual. As such MiWay has established itself as a leader in insurance in South Africa, with specialisation in low cost insurance; which includes household, business and car insurance.

Essential Car Insurance

MiWay has developed an innovative, low cost insurance package which adequately covers vehicles of any shape, size, age, or value. This is essential car insurance and uniquely offers affordable insurance to the owners of vehicles that are either not insured or paid-off, are older than five years, or are worth less than R50 000. The essential insurance option of MiWay is a low cost alternative to the traditional car insurance option because it offers cover in cases such as:

  • when your car is damaged in an accident
  • if your car is stolen
  • if an accident is your fault and you are liable for damage to a third party's vehicle

What makes the essential car insurance of MiWay the best choice in car insurance is that it is available with a number of options which have been specifically created to ensure that each individual's needs are meet and that they in turn receive the best protection for their vehicle which they possibly can. These additional options which are included in the essential car insurance package of MiWay can be listed as follows:

  • Accident Cover: This option as included in the essential car insurance package of MiWay provides partial cover for damage to your vehicle; hereby allowing car insurance to remain affordable.
  • Theft Cover: Provides cover for up to 60% of the value of your vehicle.
  • Third Party Cover: This option provides full cover for liability toward a third party, meaning that (to a maximum of R500 000 )MiWay will fully pay for the damage to a third party's vehicle; with no excess payable.

MiWay has over the years proven itself in terms of being one of the leading insurance companies in South Africa; and with an immensely satisfied client base who affirm this, it is no hoax that MiWay is rapidly becoming THE leader. By combining low cost insurance with additional benefits and making a large number of insurance options available, this insurance company aims to please and is without a doubt, the insurance company.


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