MiWay is an ever popular insurance company in South Africa providing excellent insurance cover to all its clients. It is a specialist in the provision and development of insurance solutions that are adaptable and effective enough to give the most adequate amount of protection needed for the possessions of any individual. Another reason why MiWay is the first choice by a large number of people looking for insurance is that this insurance company has the lowest insurance premiums; yet still provides insurance cover of a much better quality than the majority of other insurance companies whose premiums are notably higher.

The Responsibilities of MiWay

The core responsibilities which MiWay has to fulfill as an insurance company are surprisingly limited yet appropriately based on a matter of choice; meaning that they can choose to settle a client's claim in any which seems fair to them and according to the agreement that they have with that particular client. MiWay can legally settle a claim in any of the following ways:

  • a payment of cash
  • repairing damage incurred at the repairer of their choice
  • replacing the item at a supplier of their choice
  • any combination of the above

A client of MiWay also has a number of responsibilities of their own for ensuring that they continue receiving the insurance that they essentially require for ultimate peace of mind and protection of their valuables. To elaborate, for MiWay to agree to give cover, a client has the following basic responsibilities to fulfill:

  • to pay your premiums
  • to give valid and complete information when requesting cover, when submitting a claim, or when making changes to existing insurance
  • to immediately inform MiWay of any changes to your circumstances that may influence whether you are legible for cover, the conditions of cover, or the premium to be charged.

The insurance cover available from MiWay ranges from household insurance to business and car insurance, and is renowned for currently being the best in South Africa. People around South Africa are raving about the services which they receive from MiWay because they are treated like the individuals they are, with unique insurance needs and requirements that need to be satisfied. MiWay aims to please, and so will go out of their way to make sure that they give any and every client what it is that they need in terms of insurance.

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