MiWay is widely known for being the insurance company in South Africa that offers the best insurance premiums and is therefore trusted by a large number of clients who are extremely happy with the insurance that they are receiving at low costs and with great benefits.

With years of experience on their side, and a keen pioneering spirit, MiWay keeps themselves at the forefront of the insurance industry of South Africa, having the innate ability to constantly generate new insurance solutions and new ideas. As of yet the biggest innovation of MiWay can be named as that of the Bonus incentive. This Bonus incentive works as a reward to all clients who do not claim for a period of three years, and who will in turn receive 10% of their total premiums paid back in cash; with additional payments hereafter as well.

MiWay has developed and can instigate insurance solutions to give appropriate cover for almost anything. As such, MiWay has placed themselves as specialists in car, household, and business cover, which is brought directly to clients for the lowest and best insurance premiums possible.

The Best Insurance Premiums for Businesses

Because running a business is a rather risky endeavour, MiWay has business insurance available that is reliable and affordable, and will give new and already established businesses a sense of peace, knowing that if their business does run into a spot of trouble, their losses will not be as great as if they were without insurance. MiWay therefore provides business insurance that offers the following benefits to their corporate clients:

  • MiWay has the cover that will give business what they need in terms of insurance. Whether it be insurance for office equipment, stock, commercial vehicle, public liability, or business interruption, you will be sure to get the most reliable insurance from this insurance company that has the best insurance premiums in the country.
  • FULL theft cover for your office equipment and stock; instead of half-cover traditionally given by the majority of insurance companies.
  • If you accept their quote, MiWay will send out an expert business consultant who will personally visit your premises when the need for face-to-face insurance advice arises.

Quick No-Hassle Claims

MiWay knows that claiming from an insurance company is a stressful task to be fulfilled and it therefore should not be complicated or place any more pressure on the claimer than they are already under. Claiming from MiWay thus means:

  • A flat excess: With this insurance company there are no nasty surprises occurring from additional excesses having to be paid in as MiWay offers a low, flat excess, irrespective of the value or nature of the claim.
  • A select panel: MiWay has a hand-picked panel of service providers (including panel beaters, builders, and plumbers) who have been especially selected for their high standards; backed with the necessary guarantees.
  • Car theft claim: With MiWay there is no six-week waiting period for a stolen vehicle claim to be settled, as these claims are paid out as soon as the necessary administration processes are completed.

The reason for MiWay being one of the leading insurance companies in South Africa today is not limited to the fact that MiWay has the best insurance premiums in the country, but is further identified in the fact that, with this insurance company, you always get something out. Whether it be for their wide variety of insurance solutions, personal services, practical advice, or no-fuss claims, MiWay remains a top notch insurance company on which you can rely.