In today’s world, car insurance has become necessary and important. With the increase in theft, hijacking, burglaries, drive by shootings and road rage, one cannot risk being without proper car insurance. It is essential to join a company where you not only get good service and value for your money, but also car insurance company that will be concerned about your personal safety and well being.

The failures of so many car insurance companies

Can you imagine the disappointment when a car insurance company fails to help with a claim? You may be stuck without transport for some time, have to inconvenience other people and definitely face unforseen expenses.

When a car is burgled, the damage quoted can be huge, and maybe your car is not roadworthy. Driving a damaged car may be difficult, with no flickers, no lights, no hooter etc. Some car insurance companies aim to pay a minimal amount, and the rest of the damage repairs must be paid by you. In addition to that, it could possibly take some time to get your car fixed, have to make many telephone calls and have your premium increased. This can cause a lot of frustration and anger.

Car Insurance with a difference!

If this is your story, then phone MiWay. They have advertised car insurance and house insurance with a difference. They even claim to have an MiReward. Find out exactly what they offer and you will be impressed.

MiWay covers a wide range of options. These include:

  • A courtesy car: When your car is out of order, at the panel beaters, hijacked, stolen or just been written off, MiWay provides you with transport. The courtesy car is available for 30 days.
  • Roadside assistance: If your car gets stuck along the road, for a minimal sum, you can get free roadside assistance from SA.
  • The MiReward, pays 10% of what you contributed over a period of 3 years, provided you do not claim in those three years. What other insurance company would do that for you?
  • Fast Response to your claim: This is essential, and you won't have to make countless phone calls to get something done!
  • Medical Assistance: SA gives the option of medical assistance. You are provided with telephonic medical advice and in some cases, if needed, a helicopter to transport one to hospital.
  • No Increase After Claiming: SA guarantees that they will not increase your premium after claiming, unless of course, your claim falls within the annum maximum 4% increase period.
  • Excess: There is a standard Excess rate which applies, with different Excess values, depending on the damages incurred.

MiWay provides good service. You will find them to be friendly, helpful, a reasonable car insurance rate per month, and with excellent extras! For a satisfactory car insurance, why not try MiWay.