MiWay is an insurance company based in South Africa and growing in popularity everyday. Being greatly specialised in insurance,MiWay has developed a plentitude of general insurance coverage solutions and packages that can match any and every insurance request arising from the needs of a particular client.

MiWay aims to please and is therefore the best choice for the individual looking for an insurance company with the ability and expertise to give their clients exactly what it is that they want and need in insurance. General insurance coverage is insurance which gives basic cover and protection of the valuables of a client.

For those clients looking for more advanced insurance coverage,MiWay has a variety of additional options which can be included to the general insurance coverage package in order to give even further and better cover for the individual's unique needs in insurance.

General Insurance Direct from MiWay

MiWay provides direct general insurance, which means that this insurance company deals directly with all their clients. To elaborate, there are no brokers or agents who are included in the process of obtaining insurance from MiWay, and therefore no hidden costs to pay for their additional services. General insurance coverage is basic insurance which concentrates on giving cover for the following:

  • Vehicle Insurance:
    • Gives cover for accidental damage, theft, or hijacking, of any SA registered motorcar, motorcycle, LDV, caravan, or trailer.
    • Optional cover includes car sound equipment and accessories, car hire for when your car is stolen or damaged, vehicle credit shortfall, and cover for when using your vehicle for either personal or business in neighbouring African countries.
  • Buildings Insurance:
    • Gives cover for the immovable structures such as walls, roofs, swimming pools, gates and gate motors, underground pipes and cables; which are the permanent fixtures, fittings, and improvements of your home.
    • Optional cover includes theft cover for holiday homes, geysers and pipes wear and tear cover for damage which occurs as a result of lack of maintenance, gradual wear and tear, and poor workmanship on geysers and concealed pipes.
  • Contents Insurance:
    • Gives cover for all your personal possessions which are inside your home and belong to you and any family member who live with you.
    • Optional cover includes garden and leisure equipment, theft of contents in transit when you move, goods for business purposes, and extended liability which covers you for damage to property or injury to other people up to R10 million and R20 million.
  • Out-and-About:
    • Covers your personal possessions such as jewellery, clothing, and cameras, that you regularly wear or take out of the house with you.
  • Personal Accident Insurance:
    • Covers you and any members of your household for accidental injury causing either death or permanent or temporary disability.
    • This cover is given to nominated beneficiaries anywhere in the world, with no excess payable for any claims.
  • Watercraft Insurance:
    • Gives cover for any motorboat, ski boat, or wet bike.
    • Included in this insurance is the hull, motors, machinery, equipment, standard fittings, and accessories.

With great options in general insurance coverage such as these which are available for your benefit, is it not time that you got into contact with MiWay and made them your insurance company?.

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