Since their company launch in February 1998, MiWay has gradually come to establish themselves as one of the most reliable insurance companies in South Africa today. With the key focus kept on supplying insurance to clients which is able to meet their individual needs and in turn keep them happy regarding the insurance which they consequently receive, SA has over the years become an ever-popular choice for those searching for a respective insurance company to handle their insurance.

Specialised as a direct short-term insurance company within the RMBH FirstRand stable (a leading South African financial services group), MiWay has become renowned for their reliability and innovative approach to insurance which has effectively captured the attention of the public. Thus struggling to obtain insurance which is perfectly suited to meet your unique insurance needs as an individual is a thing of the past.

MiWay, The Number One Choice in Insurance

As a result of the increase in crime in South Africa, getting insurance is something which everyone needs to do to ensure the protection of their material possessions. There have consequentially been several insurance companies established in the recent years for aiding in this ever-increasing demand for insurance by the citizens of South Africa.

With their reputation of always providing the best in insurance solutions for the ultimate protection valuables, MiWay has become the most sought-after of all insurance companies as situated in South Africa; currently servicing a wide number of happily insured clients.

Insurance to Match Your Individual Needs

Because the key focus of MiWay is on customer satisfaction it is relevant to mention the philosophy of MiWay which states that this insurance company is 'dedicated to helping you where and when you need it most'. For this reason the insurance solutions as offered in South Africa by SA set out to accommodate the variant needs of all those looking for insurance coverage and hence protection of their valuables. As such SA is involved in supplying personal as well as business options which have been specifically and individually designed for meeting the insurance requirement of any and all clients searching for the best insurance.

MiWay has a passion for commnity safety and so other services which are inclusive to the insurance solutions which this insurance company proudly supplies includes MiWay Arrive Alive traffic patrol vehicles, MiWay and JMPD launch Pointsmen initiative, auto insurance online, car wreck trailers, and the business against crime initiative.

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