MiWay is one of the most widely recognised insurance companies in South Africa to date. This is because, being specialised in offering direct insurance solutions, MiWay provides clients with the opportunity to work directly with their insurance company, with no interference from an intermediary, and thus no extra costs. MiWay treats every client as an individual, and thus takes into consideration their specific insurance needs, in order to develop and initiate a solution which provides the most ideal insurance protection just for them.

MiWay knows that living in South Africa as it is today without insurance is extremely risky as crime is escalating. This is why this insurance company has developed a range of insurance solutions and services which ensure coverage of just about anything. Included in the insurance solutions of MiWay is direct car insurance.

Direct Car Insurance from MiWay

MiWay provides top notch direct car insurance solutions which are highly reliable and ensure protection against loss and damage to any SA registered motorcar, motorcycle, LDV, caravan or trailer. As mentioned above, MiWay aims to provide solutions which are suitable for the individual and as such provides the following cover which clients can choose from when acquiring direct car insurance which is suitable for their own unique needs:

  • Comprehensive Cover: provides direct car insurance for accident damage, theft and hijackings, as well as injury to other people or damage to their property.
  • Limited Cover: provides direct car insurance for your vehicle against damage cause by fire, theft and hijacking, as well as injury to other people or damage to their property; with cover for accident damage not included.
  • Liability to other people: this is cover for liability to other people where an accident has cause death or injury to them or damage to their property.
  • Essential Cover: this is direct car insurance for older cars of a lower value. There are a number of options available such as cover for accidental damage, theft and hijacking, and liability to other people, and the amount of cover can be selected according to your particular needs.

Optional Cover to be combined with the Direct Car Insurance of MiWay

The direct car insurance solution from MiWay is available with a choice of options which provide additional protection which an individual client may require. These optional extras include:

  • cover of vehicle sound equipment and accessories against loss or damage
  • car hire for when your car is stolen, hijacked or damaged
  • vehicle credit shortfall which provides cover for the outstanding amount due on your vehicle in the case that it is written off, stolen, or hijacked, and not recovered
  • Out-in-Africa cover including off-road use, vehicle repairs, repatriation to SA, and emergency medical evacuation, when privately using your vehicle in neighbouring countries
  • cover when using your vehicle for business in other neighbouring countries

MiWay is known for providing great service in terms of direct car insurance and other specific insurance solutions for both business and personal needs. After dealing with MiWay you will not want to go elsewhere as they are extremely friendly and interested in your needs, and thus have the insurance solutions which will be perfect for you.

For the best in car insurance, why not try the direct car insurance of MiWay.. you will not be disappointed!