Are you a homeowner or preparing to buy a home for yourself and your family? Have you been shopping for home insurance? A lot of people underestimate the necessity of having reliable home insurance for their homes. Like the majority of valuable properties which require financial assistance, home insurance may also be compulsory for new buyers, before banks and other financial institutions take the risk of financing your new home. With such a large amount at stake, they may require that you have proper home insurance.

It is very important for home owners to have home insurance which secures their homes against loss and damage, caused by unforseen circumstances. We are living in modern times where most families go on long vacations during the holidays. With the high crime rates currently experienced in South Africa, it is a huge risk to go on holiday without making sure that you have home insurance, as well as protection for your most valuable assets.

If you are a homeowner, you simply cannot afford to be without home insurance. The reality is that an unfortunate event could result in loss or damage to your property. Being left without home insurance can have serious financial implications for the homeowner. Most people feel that home insurance is too costly, but it can be guaranteed that the amount you pay for monthly premiums is nothing compared to the costs incurred if something should happen to your home and you do not have home insurance.

While home insurance is not a legal requirement, it should most definitely be on the top of your list of financial priorities. The average South African Citizen cannot afford to own more than one home. This is why you should do everything in your power to protect it. What would happen to you and family if disaster struck? Will you be left homeless? More importantly, how long will it take before you are able to fully recover from your loss and buy another home?

Did you know that if you install features which add to your home's security, such as window and door locks, security doors and windows, burglar alarms and joining a neighbourhood watch, you will be able to reduce your home insurance premiums dramatically? This is because the chance of a break-in is reduced when security features are present. Home insurance is divided into two sections, namely the building home insurance which covers the structural building and content home insurance, which only covers the contents of your home listed in the contract. Be careful when taking out home insurance and make sure that you have the right cover. MiWay is waiting to hear from you soon!

Home contents insurance is a fairly inexpensive way of ensuring peace of mind as far as the loss of material possessions is concerned. Many insurers offer extensions to their policies, meaning that garage or shed contents such as bicycles, expensive gardening equipment or outdoor furniture can be added to your insurance policy. If you are looking for a competitively priced policy, it is important to also do your bit towards your home's security. Fitting window locks, five-lever mortise locks to exterior doors, burglar alarms and becoming a member of your local neighbourhood watch, will all result in lower premiums.

Do not hesitate. Just pick up the phone and call MiWay, or log onto www.miway.co.za for an obligation free quotation on their available home insurance options. These options are designed to suit your pocket and give you peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens to your home, you will be covered.