Miway is the insurance company most dedicated to the delivery of top services which go beyond the norm to succeed all priorly established expectations of an insurance company. Miway strives toward setting a standard in high level insurance services and solutions through the combination of expertise, promptness, efficiency and courtesy.

Besides being the most reliable insurance company in South Africa, MiWay has the lowest premiums...and that's official!! After recently conducting a premium survey across five different profiles, the results have proven once and for all that the insurance premiums of MiWay are the lowest for low risks.

For these reasons (and many others), MiWay has become the most widely used insurance company in South Africa, renowned for having an extensive range of insurance solutions and services which include household insurance. The insurance solutions of MiWay are segregated into two key sectors namely personal home owner insurance and business insurance, which have been uniquely developed to include insurance ideally suitable for satisfying the needs or requirements of each.

Effective Protection of your Most Valuables

MiWay is one of the most trusted insurance companies with the assurance that all clients obtaining home owner insurance from them will receive effective protection of their most valuable possessions.

Home owner insurance gives cover for all the personal possessions which are inside the home of a client and which belong to them or any member of their household. Home owner insurance as such includes cover for:

  • fire, explosion and earthquake
  • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
  • damage caused by bursting and overflowing of geysers or water pipes
  • theft
  • power surges
  • impact
  • accidental breakage to TV, mirrors and glass forming part of any furniture
  • fire brigade charges
  • contents being transported when you move
  • subsidence, heave and landslip
  • subsidence, heave and landslip
  • temporary accommodation
  • liability to other people (including domestic employees)

Home Owner Insurance

Home owner insurance is but one of the insurance solution services which MiWay has to offer to those looking for the optimum protection of their personal possessions. With the household insurance of MiWay, a home owner will get the peace of mind for which they have always longed in terms of obtaining effective protection of their home and its' possessions. MiWay prides itself in delivering the best services in home owner insurance and has therefore made inclusive to this insurance solution, home assistance.

Home assistance is a free service for all who have home owner insurance with MiWay for the protection of the contents of their home or building. Home assistance gives cover to these respective clients for the following home emergencies:

  • locksmiths
  • builders
  • electricians
  • glaziers
  • plumbers
  • tree fellers
  • bee keepers
  • security
  • home gadgets
  • public emergency services

There are currently a large number of happily insured business and home owner insurance clients of MiWay... why not experience the benefits which this insurance company has to offer and become one of this satisfied client base.




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