MiWay is an insurance company that constantly keeps the happiness of the client in mind. As such MiWay has developed Bonus, which is a revolutionary concept, working as a reward for those clients who do not claim for the period of three years in terns of a cash payment. With the consequent development of the Bonus reward program MiWay is able to stick to the motto of a unique guarantee which states that "With SA You Always Get Something Out".

Committed to Top Service

MiWay is an insurance company based in South Africa that goes beyond the norm to exceed the expectations of the average client. It is this commitment to supplying top service that has put MiWay in the place as a top insurance company in South Africa. MiWay functions through the combination of expertise, promptness, efficiency and courtesy, and hereby sets the standard for the provision of insurance services which astound the client who is not accustomed to this great level of services as offered by an insurance company.

This commitment to offer top service is based on the priority of MiWay of supplying insurance solutions which are uniquely developed for the satisfaction of each individual clients' needs or requirements and, hereby, keeping the client happy at all times. At MiWay , better service of the client is a core aim and by achieveing this, MiWay is able to benefit from the inevitable success to be achieved as a result of client satisfaction.

The Benefit of Insuring With MiWay

The benefit of insuring with MiWay is becoming widely known among a great number of people in South Africa who desire the best services and solutions from their insurance company. MiWay clients can enjoy a number of exciting benefits. These benefits as provided by SA include:

  • a better premium as the result of no middle man
  • business and personal insurance clients receive the same benefit regarding the Bonus incentive meaning that they are eligible for getting 10% back off their premium after not claiming for three years
  • full theft cover for contents, electronic equipment and stock; in comparison to the limited cover as provided by other insurance companies
  • consultation with experts who are able to draw up unique and suitable insurance solutions for the individual
    premiums are calculated based on a client's unique circumstances
  • easy to understand documentation which includes an individual client's insurance solution is provided and further supports the promise that "with SA, you always get something out"

As mentioned, MiWay is able to provide great insurance solutions to both personal and business insurance clients who are in turn legible for the same benefit of the Bonus. The Bonus reward program as delivered by MiWay is but one of the incentives on offer by this insurance company and comes alongwith a great other number of benefits to be experienced by all clients who use MiWay as their dedicated insurance company.

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