MiWay is an insurance company based in South Africa and specialises in a number of insurance solutions which pertain to all aspects of life. As such, personal insurance on offer by SA involves the development of insurance solutions for the protection of things which range from vehicles to buildings, all personal possessions, travel insurance, personal accident and car insurance, and watercraft insurance. For the reason that such a wide variety of insurance options are available from MiWay, each individual client will get what they need in terms of insurance, and it is thus no wonder MiWay's reputation is rapidly growing in popularity every day.

Top Notch Cover of your Personal Possessions

Even though MiWay is specialised in a number of elements which form part of the solutions granted for personal insurance, MiWay generally focuses on contents insurance as the protection of an individual client's personal possessions. These personal possessions which belong to a client or any member of their household are covered by the contents insurance option of SA and are as such protected from:

  • fire, explosion and earthquake
  • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
  • damage caused by bursting and overflowing of geysers or water pipes
  • theft
  • power surges
  • impact
  • accidental breakage to TV, mirrors and glass forming part of any furniture
  • fire brigade charges
  • contents being transported when you move
  • subsidence, heave and landslip
  • temporary accommodation
  • liability to other people (including domestic employees)

Insurance with Reliability

MiWay is the trusted insurance company of a large number of happy clients, with reliable solutions for personal insurance. There are great benefits to be experienced as a result of choosing MiWay as your number one insurance company. These benefits of getting personal insurance with SA can as such be listed as follows:

  • With the flat excess that MiWay provides, you pay selected excess which remains fixed regardless of your claim. You can also select the excess option which suits your unique budget; always remembering that the higher the excess, the lower the premium.
  • MiWay has an approved panel of service providers who are selected according to strict service and quality standards.
    MiWay offers free membership to the service which they provide as 24-hour home emergency assistance.

As a consequence of the uncertain circumstances in which we are living today, it is vital for everyone to get protection of their most valuable possessions through the acquisition of personal insurance from a respectable and reliable insurance company such as MiWay. As discussed above, the personal insurance solutions on offer by MiWay are extensive and delve into a number important everyday aspects, making this insurance company the best choice when wanting to appropriately and adequately protect yourself against any possible future disasters.


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