Getting insurance forms a major part of everyone's life as it provides peace of mind regarding the protection of valuable possessions against the possibility of theft and damage. There is a wide variety of insurance options available to ensure that everyone looking for a unique insurance solution which is suitable for their particular needs will get what they need in terms of insurance. The insurance as provided by the majority of insurance companies based in South Africa are presented in two core solutions namely personal insurance and business insurance,

MiWay is a greatly reliable insurance company with years of experience in the development of adaptable insurance solutions and services that are able to provide effective protection of the goods and assets of every business and individual who contact them for insurance cover. Insurance options which are available from MiWay include the likes of home insurance, auto insurance, and travel insurance, and are solutions which are applicable to both the individual and business client.

Good Travel Tips from MiWay

In order to ensure that you have an amazing holiday during which you are really able to relax, MiWay provides the following travel advice so that there will be no need to have to cope with any nasty surprises which may occur within the duration of your time spent away from home:

  • Only let a limited amount of people know of your holiday plans and details.
  • Make sure that all your travel documents such as passport and international driver's license are valid.
  • Try to travel light, packing only the core essentials. Never carry anything for anyone else and always be aware of your luggage.
  • Make sure that all luggage is labeled properly, with your name, address, and telephone numbers visible inside and outside.
  • Lock all your luggage.
  • When checking in at your travel accommodation, look out for all emergency exits, stairwells, phones, and hoses, nearest to your room.
  • Avoid leaving a housekeeping sign outside your door as this makes it obvious that your room is unoccupied.
  • Always have your passport in your possession when traveling abroad.
  • Keep a map with you when out and about to ensure that you do not get lost because this is when you are at your most vulnerable.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially when entering public restrooms.
  • When you are carrying your passport, cash and credit cards conceal them in several places on your person rather than putting them all in one wallet or pouch.
  • Handbags, waist pouches and outside pockets are easy targets. One of the safest places to carry valuables is in a pouch or money belt worn under your clothing, otherwise use inside pockets.

The travel insurance which is available from MiWay is based on the objective of this insurance company of providing a peace of mind to those wishing to ensure that their home and its contents will be protected while they are away on holiday and have traveled a long way from home. MiWay has a number of happy clients who have opted for the travel insurance of this insurance company, and who can in turn relax and enjoy their holiday without having to worry about possible loss and damage to their possessions back at home.

MiWay is indeed the best choice out of all the insurance companies currently operating in South Africa today. This is because with an unblemished track record, this insurance company is known for their reliability in insurance and the additional services which they provide to all their clients. Leave all your insurance worries in the hands of this insurance company and you will be assured of the fact that with MiWay you always get something out!

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