MiWay is an extremely popular MiWay operating in South Africa today. With the ability to satisfy any request which a client may have. MiWay is the leader in insurance, and the best choice when it comes to getting exactly what you want and what you need.

Personal accident insurance is an option of MiWay which falls under both the core personal insurance and business insurance packages, and is insurance for which the majority if individuals apply. Essentially, what personal accident insurance covers is you and any of your family members, partners, directors, or employees or accidental injury causing death or permanent disability. Personal accident insurance is available on an either individual or group basis. The nominated beneficiaries of personal accident insurance are covered anywhere in the world and there is no excess payable for any claims.


Reassurance with the Best Car Accident Insurance Available

MiWay has car accident insurance which is available in a variety of options from which a particular client can choose to match their personal needs. The car accident insurance of MiWay makes for the best choice when it comes to getting great cover for your vehicle in the case that an accident does occur. This car accident insurance is available to both the personal and business client who can choose from the following options:

  • Comprehensive Cover: This option provides cover for accidental damage as well as theft, hijackings, and injury to other people or damage to their property.
  • Liability to Other Parties: Cover is given where an accident caused death or injury to another party, or damage to their property.
  • Essential Cover: This is cover for lower value vehicles, and is available in options which cover accidental damage, as well as theft, hijackings, and liability to other people.

MiWay also has specialised accident insurance options which are particular to the business world and therefore made inclusive to their business insurance solution. As such, business accident insurance includes options such as:

  • Public Liability: Covers costs which a business is legally liable to pay which caused death, illness or bodily injury to any person or damage to property belonging to someone else.
  • Employers Liability: Covers costs which a business is legally liable to pay for death, illness, or bodily injury, during the course of the person's employment.

Get the reassurance and peace of mind you have always wanted when on the road with the car accident insurance available from MiWay. This insurance company knows that nowadays it is extremely dangerous to be on the road, with the accident rate increasing daily at an alarming speed. With MiWay you can be sure of the fact that with their car accident insurance you no longer have to worry about losses occurring when an accident takes place and your car is damaged or completely written-off, because this insurance company will take care of you.

So, choose MiWay for your car accident insurance and you will get the best possible cover for yourself and your vehicle. Being able to leave all your worries behind has never been easier.

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