MiWay knows that the assets of a business are a vital resource of capital, being great as collateral, and thus effective protection needs to be obtained by all businesses for adequate protection of these. Therefore, MiWay has developed the asset protection insurance solution which is available to all clients who request the best business insurance from their insurance company.

Protection of Assets with the Business Insurance of MiWay

Making sure that the assets of your business are properly insured is something which every emerging or already established company needs to endeavour to do in order to ensure success in the long run. Not having the assets of your business such as vehicles, electronic equipment, buildings, and stock insured can leave your business vulnerable to great loss due to crime and other unforseen disasters and, in time, the eventual risk of losing your company at large.

MiWay does not want to see this happening to your business and so they aim to provide the most effective asset protection insurance suitable for your own needs.

As part of the business insurance solution available from MiWay, the following major business assets are granted cover under the asset protection insurance solution:

  • Electronic Equipment, Stock and Money: MiWay offers full theft cover for these major business assets. In the past only partial cover would be traditionally given by the majority of insurance companies, leaving businesses still greatly exposed.
  • Buildings: Great insurance is given to businesses by MiWay for their buildings. As such this insurance includes cover for the permanent fixtures and structures which include the walls, roofs, etc. of the building of a business.
  • Contents: Besides giving insurance for the permanent buildings of a business, MiWay furthermore provides insurance that covers the contents of what is inside the building; leaving businesses with full cover and therefore peace of mind if disaster should strike.
  • Vehicles/Fleet: MiWay is highly proficient when it comes to the provision of car insurance which protects the vehicles of a company used for business purposes. In addition to the core car insurance service, MiWay provides extras such as roadside assistance.
  • Watercraft: This is insurance which provides cover for water vehicles owned by a business.


The Benefits of Obtaining Asset Protection Insurance from MiWay

There is a great number of happily OUTsured businesses who are currently receiving the great benefits to be enjoyed from obtaining much-needed asset protection insurance from MiWay. The reason for this is because this insurance company goes above and beyond to make sure that all their business clients are properly insured.

Besides getting efficient protection in the case that the possibilty of theft, a natural disaster, or any other unforseen happening does occur, there are further advantages of insuring with MiWay. These can be discussed as follows:

  • Full theft cover is given by MiWay in the case that the assets of your business are stolen. Traditionally in the past, the norm in the insurance industry was to give theft cover on a first loss basis. This meant that assets were not fully covered and leaving businesses short-changed at claims stage.
  • The flat excess of MiWay means that you pay the selected excess and it remains fixed regardless of the nature or value of your claim. There is a wide variety of excess options from which you choose to suit the unique budget of your business. These excess options start from as low as R1 000.
  • MiWay has an additional service known as HELP. Providing 24 hour assistance in the event of an emergency, MiWay will arrange a plumber, electrician or bee keeper, should the need arise. Membership to this service is free.
  • In order to make sure that your cover keeps in touch with inflation, annual automatic inflation-linked adjustments are made by MiWay; meaning that you will never be under-insured for any of the assets of your business.

With asset protection insurance that is sure to give you what you want and what you need in terms of adequate business insurance, alongwith the the ability to assist in creating a long life for your business, make MiWay your number one choice!