With great expertise as developed from years of experience in the insurance industry, Insurance Company is adequately skilled to provide unique insurance which is suitable for both the individual as well as for the corporate sector. Insurance Company , with its outstanding insurance solutions and highly reliable services, is rapidly taking over to become the leader of insurance companies in South Africa, and this insurance company is trusted by an immense number of happy clients who have over the years experienced what Insurance Company could for them in terms of getting the most efficient protection of their most valuable possessions; be it the contents of their home or more costly business assets.

The Great Benefits of Insuring with Insurance Company

Insurance Company is the best choice when it comes to deciding on an insurance company which will be able to provide you with the insurance that will effectively give protection of your most valuables in the occurrence of loss or damage. The corporate insurance of Insurance Company is widely used as businesses know that this insurance company has the ability to provide them with this vital protection. Along with the reassurance which Insurance Company gives to its corporate clients in terms of knowing that their assets and themselves are in good hands, Insurance Company has a number of great benefits for the pleasure of all their corporate clients. These benefits as inclusive to the corporate insurance as provided by Insurance Company thus include:

  • Because there is no middle-man, corporate insurance is now available at a better and much lower premium.
  • Part in the Bonus benefits, meaning that you will get 10% off your premiums back if you do not claim for the period of 3 years.
  • Full theft cover is given for your contents, electronic equipment and stock. (The majority of insurance companies traditionally only give a limited amount of theft cover, leaving you exposed in the event of a claim).
  • Quick, expert advice is available to ensure that you get the best corporate insurance for you as an individual.
  • Premiums are based on the individual and Insurance Company thus has a number of special packages which are suitable for satisfying unique needs, and which can improve your risk and reduce your premium even further.
  • Insurance Company sticks to its promise that "with Insurance Company , you always get something out".

What does Insurance Company offer as part of their Corporate Insurance

Inclusive to the corporate insurance which Insurance Company makes available are a number of options which aid in even greater protection of the assets of your business. As such, the available options for the corporate insurance of this insurance company can be listed as follows:

  • Vehicle/fleet insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Public liability cover
  • Buildings insurance
  • Employee dishonesty cover
  • Electronic equipment, stock and money
  • Business interruption cover
  • Employer's liability cover
  • Watercraft cover
  • Out-and-about

With an almost spotless track record, Insurance Company makes for the most ideal choice in insurance company in South Africa today. This is because with this reliable insurance company you no longer have to worry about suffering monetary loss due to theft or damage to your possessions. It is indeed the best choice out of all the insurance companies currently operating in South Africa today. Why not become one of the happy corporate insurance clients of Insurance Company and offer yourself the peace of mind that you deserve and with which they can provide you.

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