MiWay is a trustworthy insurance company based in South Africa on which one can rely when it eventually comes down to making an insurance claim. The reason for this is that MiWay is not an insurance company which is "all talk, and no action", but rather stands committed to what was initially agreed upon and thus gives clients their deserved returns when an appropriate insurance claim is put through.

Endless Rewards with MiWay

It has become a growing concern that the public has lost confidence when dealing with short-term insurers as they believe that they do not get the value for money which they deserve. MiWay has identified this problem and has as such developed the solution for re-establishing the lost trust of the public in short-term insurers and which will as a consequence uplift the current bad perceptions surrounding the insurance industry in South Africa as a whole.

Striving to put the client first, MiWay has created a reward program to give their clients something back for having the trust in their insurance company to get insurance from them; and by furthermore practicing responsible management of their insurance risks and for not submitting thoughtless of unnecessary claims. This reward program is known as MiRewardand works as an incentive whereby clients receive cash payments in the form of 10% of all their premiums paid back. However, in order to benefit from this cash reward, a claim should not have been made for the period of three consecutive years. At the end of the fifth year of not claiming, further rewards are given by MiWay, with rewards becoming annual hereafter. All in all, the philosophy of MiWay stands on building a partnership between themselves as an insurance company and their clients, which focuses on managing risks and enables a client to decide on whether to claim or not. Clients will also be rewarded by MiWay with additional bonuses to be earned simply by referring new clients.

The Bonus incentive of MiWay is a revolutionary concept within the short-term industry and forms the cornerstone of MiWay as a company operating within the business industry of South Africa.

Get What is to be Expected from your Insurance Claim with MiWay

There are insurance companies out there that will make you extravagant promises. But many of these will not stick as they runaway from an insurance claim when it is put through, leaving clients frustrated due to losses which they suffer, and hereby making them lose their trust in the insurance industry as a whole.

MiWay is not one of these average insurance companies as they stick to what they initially agreed upon with a client. Find out for yourself why MiWay is currently the number one insurance company by clicking on the banner below.



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