Getting insurance is vital for survival with the conditions in which we live in South Africa today. As crime keeps escalating, there comes a greater need on a daily basis for protection against theft and damage to our valuables. MiWay is currently one of the most trusted insurance companies in South Africa, with insurance solutions which prove to be effective in terms of the provision of adequate protection of possessions against criminal actions, natural disasters, and other unforseen happenings.

MiWay specialises in a number of solutions which are adaptable according to specific insurance needs. In order to ensure that the individual client gets exactly what it is that they are looking for when it comes to an insurance solution which will give them the best cover possible.

The insurance solutions on offer by MiWay range from personal insurance to business insurance, car insurance, and home insurance.

The Best Cover for your Home with MiWay

The direct home insurance solutions which are available from MiWay revolve around two key aspects. These include contents cover and building cover:

  • Contents Cover:
    This is the aspect of home insurance which provides cover for the movable property of your home. Content cover includes protection against
    • fire
    • explosion and earthquake
    • acts of nature (including wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood, and snow)
    • damage caused by bursting or overflowing of geysers and water pipes

  • Building Cover:
    This is the aspect of direct home insurance which provides cover for the immovable structures which include your home's permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements (such as walls, roofs, windows, driveways and roads patios, underground pipes and cables). Building cover includes protection against
    • fire
    • explosion and earthquake
    • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
    • bursting and overflowing of geysers and water pipes
    • malicious damage
    • power surges
    • impact
    • public water and electricity connections
    • alterations and additions
    • fixtures and fittings temporarily removed
    • fire brigade charges
    • the costs incurred to comply with public authorities requirements Optional cover

MiWay is the only insurance company expert to be considered when looking for obtaining efficient and effective insurance solutions which are able to meet your own needs and in turn provide you with the adequate protection you require for you home and its possessions. MiWay has years of experience in the development and implementation of direct home insurance and is therefore the best option when looking for insurance on which you can rely.

Avoid the nasty disappointment which comes along with obtaining your insurance from any other insurance company and contact MiWay today. It will be the best decision you will ever make for your own protection and ease of mind.