MiWay as a top notch insurance company in South Africa that makes the point of providing clients with flexible insurance solutions which can be tailor-made according to the various specific insurance requirements. MiWay has expert insurance consultants who will meet with each and every client for determining the most appropriate insurance solution for them as individuals.

MiWay specialises in a wide range of insurance solutions which include the basic division into personal insurance and business insurance, with motor insurance being inclusive to both of these packages.

Motor insurance is a vital insurance solution to be invested in by all motor vehicle owners and MiWay should be your number one choice in insurance company when looking to obtain this.

Peace of Mind with Personal Accident Cover

When obtaining motor insurance from MiWay, the motor vehicle owner will receive as inclusive to their basic motor insurance solution, the phenomenal added benefit of personal accident cover. The benefit of personal accident insurance is that you and any of your family members, partners, directors or employees are covered for accidental injury causing death or permanent disability.

The motor insurance clients of MiWay are given the choice between either cover on an individual or group basis, and cover for accidental injury causing temporary total disability is an optional. MiWay is furthermore able to ensure that all beneficiaries as listed by a client of their motor insurance will be covered anywhere in the world, with no excess payable for any claims.

The Motor Insurance Company To Be Trusted!

With the reputation of being a motor insurance company to be trusted, more and more car owners are turning to MiWay for their motor insurance needs as they become increasingly aware of the benefits which this insurance company has to offer them in terms of outstanding reliable motor insurance.

MiWay strives to ensure the happiness of every motor car owner who approaches them for motor insurance; which SA is able to do by means of adaptive car insurance solutions which are flexible to meet any unique insurance need or requirement. As such, MiWay makes the provision of motor insurance in the form of a basic insurance package which can be made suitable to a client with the addition of optional extras; which include:

  • Cover for loss or damage to vehicle sound equipment and accessories
  • Car hire in the case that you are without transportation as the result of your car being stolen or damaged in an accident
  • Vehicle credit shortfall for covering the outstanding amount due to a financial company when a claim is made where your car is written off, stolen, or hijacked and not returned
  • Cover, which includes off-road use, repatriations to South Africa, emergency medical evacuation, personal accommodation, and vehicle repairs, when traveling privately through neighbouring African countries
  • Cover when using your vehicle in neighbouring African countries for business purposes

The motor insurance as provided by MiWay includes cover for any SA registered motor car, motorcycle, LDV, caravan or trailer; which is why this insurance company is trusted by a large number of motor car owners in South Africa...why not become one of them?!

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