First International has over the years become the number one choice in insurance for a large percentage of society in South Africa today, who have a variety of diverging needs and requirements in insurance.

The success of First International comes as the direct result of having a wide range of available insurance services and solutions which are adjustable and as such give First International the capability to provide each individual client with what it is that they are looking for in terms of an effective insurance solution suitable for their own unique needs

First International offers insurance in two basic packages namely personal insurance and business insurance. Forming part of these packages are insurance options such as buildings insurance, automobile insurance coverage, contents insurance, etc. from which a client can choose. The car insurance of First International is a popular option, chosen by both personal and business clients for its provision of effective cover.

Car or Automobile Insurance with a Difference

First International takes pride in its objective to differentiate itself from the rest of the insurance companies currently operating in South Africa. Whereas the majority of insurance companies simply offer standardised solutions for automobiles, First International aims to please, offering automobile insurance coverage that is designed to match the requests of the individual.

Automobile insurance coverage from First International includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance: Automobile insurance coverage for accidental damage, theft, hijacking, and injury to other people or damage to the property.
  • Liability to Other Parties: Where an accident caused death or injury to another party, or has caused damage to that other party's property, cover is granted by First International.
  • Essential Car or Automobile Insurance: This is automobile insurance coverage created for vehicles of a lower value. Inclusive to this option in auto insurance is cover for accidental damage, hijacking, theft, and liability to another party.

Why waste your time worrying about a simple thing like the possibility of an accident occurring or your car being stolen? Start enjoying life today and get automobile insurance coverage from First International.

So, go ahead, give First International a call today for the best automobile insurance on the market!