Insurance Company has a number of commercial insurance solutions and services which are available for the overall benefit of the citizens of South Africa. Commercial insurance are those services and insurance solutions that are most widely available and essentially required by the majority of society today. This includes insurance which acts as protection in the case of the occurrence of theft or damage to personal possessions which may be either of a high monetary or sentimental value to a particular client.

The commercial insurance of Insurance Company is suitable for both business and personal needs and requirements as the cover options which are included in these insurance solutions provide the most ideal protection for either type of client. Insurance Company aims to please, and it is hence the reason why they are one of the most trusted of insurance companies in South Africa, with their happy client base heavily increasing on a constant basis.

Insurance with Incentives

There are a number of great features which Insurance Company makes available as services inclusive to the insurance packages provided to clients. These additional services prove to be a great incentive for those looking to get the best insurance which they possibly can from an insurance company. Some of these incentive services of Insurance Company which are listed under the HELP package include:

  • Roadside Assistance:
    This is a service provided free by Insurance Company to all vehicles including passenger vehicle, LDV, and motorcycle, which are covered with this insurance company. Roadside assistance provides cover for any emergencies occurring anywhere in South Africa, and each vehicle has an annual limit of R5 000.00. Roadside assistance is given in the case of the following emergencies
    • Breakdown (excluding accidents)
    • Safe storage of your vehicle
    • Flat tyre
    • Flat battery
    • Keys locked in car
    • Run out of fuel

  • Home Assistance:
    This is a free service for all those who have their contents or building covered with Insurance Company. Protection is given in the case of the following emergencies
    • Locksmiths
    • Builders
    • Electricians
    • Glaziers
    • Plumbers
    • Tree fellers
    • Bee keepers
    • Security

  • Medical and Legal Assistance:
    This cover is optional and is charged by Insurance Company at an additional premium. This assistance is given as phone line advice and the following is covered anywhere in South Africa
    • Advice for any medical/trauma emergency
    • Referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
    • Refundable hospital admission deposit up to R2 000
    • Medical emergency response and transportation
    • Inter-hospital transfer
    • Despatch of doctor and/or essential medicine
    • In-hospital medical monitoring
    • Escorted return of minors

With the provision of such outstanding services such as these, it is no wonder why Insurance Company keeps growing in popularity and is trusted by numerous citizens of South Africa. Why not become one of these satisfied insurance clients of Insurance Company and get into contact with this extraordinary insurance company today to get the insurance deal of a lifetime!


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